Literary magazine submissions are a great way to start making an impact with your writing. They’ve always been a little bit mysterious to me, but this week I did a deep dive into literary world. And there are so many magazines to submit to! I honestly don’t know what kind of readership these things have, but I know that writers gotta write — and we’d like to see that *ish published somewhere.

I haven’t yet explored the submissions process for these magazines, but I wanted to create a master list of publications so I could go through and check them off my list! Literary magazines typically take everything from fiction to non-fiction to poetry, so most writers can find a cozy little spot in one of these areas. My guess is that literary mags aren’t *totally* flooded with submissions to point of insanity — so you may have a better shot here than elsewhere.

Literary Magazines and Pay

Of note: Most of them don’t pay well, if anything. And though I like to make money, I also love the BIG MAGIC of writing to write and creating to create and getting all the words out paper to create literary art. I found most of these via Chill Subs.

  • AGNI Magazine
  • Talking Writing Mag
  • A Lit Review
  • Arc Poetry
  • Benn Review
  • Common Magazine
  • Fog Lifter Press
  • Fourth Genre
  • Granta Mag
  • Indiana Review
  • Kenyon Review
  • NERweb
  • The Schooner
  • Passages North
  • The Citron Review
  • Amethyst Review
  • Blood Orange Review
  • The Common
  • The Ekphrastic Review
  • Flyway Journal
  • Hex literary
  • Honey Lit
  • Hypertext magazine
  • The Journal
  • Kissing Dynamite
  • Ligeia Mag
  • Microlit almanac
  • New England Review
  • The Paris Review
  • Ninth Letter
  • River Teeth
  • Pine Hills Review
  • Snowflake Mag
  • The Spectacle
  • Up North Lit
  • Waxwing Literary Journal
  • Weird Horror
  • The Woodward Review
  • Yellow Arrow Journal
  • Bayou Mag
  • Brevity Mag
  • Gastropoda Mag
  • Literary Mama
  • Sky1ilsand
  • Sweet Literary
  • Soft Star Magazine
  • Hippocampus Magazine
  • Eunioa Review
  • HarpyHybrid
  • Full Mood Mag

This is my list for now and if you have others, feel free to let you know! If you are a part of one that’s not on this list, I’d love to add you. I’m feeling too lazy to go through and link everything right now, but if you you have the name, it’s an easy Google search away.

I’ve been scoping out some of these today and it’s really ignited my native drive to write freely and with abandon. As MacroMic said on their submissions page: 

“We want your heart, your soul, the pieces that are a part of you. We want stories that are worlds in words, pieces that tell a (mac)ro story in a (mic)ro word count. We want works that focus on expressing, not impressing. Above all else, we want stories that connect. “

Doesn’t that make your writer heart sing? Get on it, friends!

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