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With my strategy, you can get your writing published (and get paid!)

Getting your work published – in a magazine, newspaper or a book – is not a pipe dream. It’s not just for other, experienced writers. It’s for anyone that has a dream to do so. Download 10 Tips to Getting Published This Year! 


Is This You?

You’re a good writer, but unsure how to get published.

You dream of writing a book, but don’t know where to begin.

You have a message, but need guidance on how to get it out to an audience.

You aren’t sure how to navigate writing and social media

I can help you reach your publishing goals. Whether it’s writing a book proposal, pitching an article in your dream publication or boosting your writing message with social media, I’ve got you covered.

- Ericka Andersen

Writing coach



Writing coach



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Hi there, I’m


Hey there! My name is Ericka and I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen. I’ve got over 15 years of professional writing experience, including two traditionally published books with Harper Collins and NavPress. I also write regular freelance articles in places like the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalChristianity Today and more.

I’m passionate about helping writers navigate the overwhelming world of publishing. From writing a solid book proposal to selling a personal essay to a magazine, I’ve been through it all. Now, I want to pay it forward to writers that have dreams of publishing their own writing.

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