Freelance writing trends change often, but one thing remains evergreen: Data-driven storytelling. I started using this framework without even realizing it years ago and it has served me well as a process every since. Here’s the thing with data: It’s reliable, persuasive and always coming out fresh!

Using data is an easy to develop a new story idea and convince an editor that you’ve got a real story (and what it takes to write it and keep their publication trustworthy! And you can use it to build your brand (psst: this book is a must-read for basically anyone who communicates!)

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Calling all freelance writers seeking that elusive edge to captivate editors and publishers with compelling story ideas!  Welcome to the BIG secret that unravels one of the best-kept secrets in the world of writing – using data to craft irresistible pitches that editors can’t resist!

In this eye-opening exploration, we reveal how data-driven storytelling can elevate your freelance writing career to new heights. Data is the key to unlocking the potential of fresh and engaging story ideas that resonate with readers and publications alike.

Freelance Writing Trends: Data-Driven Storytelling and Pitching


Harnessing the Power of Data: Discover how data can breathe life into your narratives, adding credibility, depth, and a unique perspective. We’ll demonstrate how incorporating data not only adds value to your work but also enhances your chances of landing lucrative writing assignments.

Reputable Sources of Fresh Data: There’s a world of data out there, waiting to be tapped! We’ll share some of the most reputable sources where you can find up-to-date studies and insights across diverse industries. These sources include renowned research institutions, government publications, industry reports, and reputable news outlets.

Unearthing Unique Story Angles: Data-driven storytelling opens up a treasure trove of untapped story angles. We’ll show you how to mine and interpret data creatively, empowering you to craft fresh and innovative narratives that stand out in a sea of generic pitches.

Crafting Data-Backed Pitches: Pitching with data is an art in itself. Learn how to artfully incorporate statistics, trends, and research findings into your pitches, making them impossible for editors to overlook. We’ll guide you through the process of weaving data seamlessly into your proposals.

Understanding Your Target Publications: Each publication has its preferences when it comes to data-backed content. We’ll reveal tips to understand the editorial preferences of different publications, helping you tailor your pitches for maximum impact.

Here’s what we know:

  • Fresh studies are out weekly
  • Data backs up your ideas
  • New data in your niche or industry spoonfeeds you story ideas
  • Easy to find rarely-reported data by subscribing to internal pubs or paying small amounts for deep dives

Here’s a list of places I often look to:

  • Major Polling Firms: Pew, Gallup, Marist, Quinnipiac, Rasmussan, Zogby, Public Policy Polling, Barna, Lifeway, PRRI
  • Research Institutes: Harvard, National Institute of Health, Colombia, Johns Hopkin, Standford, etc.
  • Research Journals: JAMA, Nature, Lancet, BMJ Global Health & so many more
  • Open data sites:, Google Big Query,, Kaggle Datasets & more.
  • Leads: Reddit, Quora, Discord & other online communities where conversations are happening, but always verify things you find there!

The Path to Pitching Success: Leveraging data can be your secret weapon for landing assignments with prestigious publications. We’ll share success stories from accomplished freelance writers who have used data-driven storytelling to win the hearts of editors and publishers.

If you’re a freelance writer determined to elevate your storytelling prowess and stand out in the competitive writing landscape, this video is your gateway to unlocking the power of data-driven storytelling.

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