Find paid writing work everyday with just a few resources. As writers, sometime our brains feel empty of ideas! When the well runs dry, let this list help you out. There is no shortage of places to apply for jobs or fine writing work. It’s just a matter of saving the sites and checking them consistently.

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Writing jobs are always available! I never thought it was possible to make a living this way…but it totally is! So pick one or two and go hunting for your next gig. You got this!

8 Places to Find Paid Writing Work

  • Upwork & Fiverr. Post your profile so people can find you and search for jobs that are open. Sign up for updates & notifications so you see when new jobs open that apply to your skill set.
  • Linked In. Search key terms like “looking for freelancers” or “hiring freelance writers.” Mark keyword updates and check in regularly to be in the know about jobs that could work for you.
  • Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). This is a low-cost membership for journalists and provides and litany of resources, networks and job opportunities. They send out regular email newsletters and have opportunities for grants, fellowships and more, in addition to job opportunities.
  • Twitter Search. This is a highly neglected spot to check. Type in “call for pitches” or “accepting pitches to find editors seeking articles from freelancers. Some have this in their bio with their email address even. Others provide specific details about exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Opportunities of the Week newsletter. This is a really helpful, comprehensive newsletter you can sign up for and receive weekly emails with all the latest freelance writing opporunities, often including pay and many specific details about what editors are looking for. It includes full-time positions, freelance and all size and manner of publications.
  • Agency Search. Many small and large agencies are looking to hire freelancers to help with their projects. You are disconnected from the actual client, but agencies usually have the money to pay and need people pretty frequently for a variety of projects.
  • This is a simple job board for freelancer writing jobs that are available, updated regularly. Keep it on the docket!
  • Find out which publications pay and how much you can expect from them! This is a a great resource for generating ideas on who to pitch as well.
  • BONUS: I send out some select opportunities on my weekly email newsletter as well, if you’re seeking tips, tricks and job opportunities from that avenue!

Writing Tips Everyday

This is by no means a comprehensive list of places, but certainly a great place to start. Get these on your radar, bookmark them and check regularly. When you get into a rhythm, booking those consistent gigs gets easier.

Getting paid writing work is the goal, but it can feel overwhelming. The best way to start making a living as a freelance writers is to keep these resources and ideas at your fingertips. Learn from other freelancers and start diving in head first. You’ll make mistakes, but learn the ropes and get the hang of things after a few cycles in. I know — I’ve been there — and I’m here to help you to make it work in your life.

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I’m Ericka Andersen, a published author and freelance writer for a variety of places including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and content writer for non-profits, businesses and more. I make a full-time living from my freelance career and love to help others do the same!

You can work with me through my coaching, courses or editing offers. I love working with non-fiction writers of all kinds, though I have a speciality in those who write about faith, culture, politics, policy and more. That said, I have worked on autobiographies, essays and reported features as well. Feel free to shoot me an email with questions about how we could partner at or inquire here.

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